The Way IT Works


God … what it isn’t. It isn’t a Life separate from you. It isn’t a revelation made to some wise man, teacher, or special guru of days gone by or even recently …

Our life is the use we make of the Energy which is life itself and that life is God. The life that is available to you is always expanding and so your understanding of life is always expanding and so must your understanding of God be always expanding. To treat God as a static thing or even a person is to engage in an absurdity. What I can grow, change, learn transform but God can’t? Oh right I forgot. God already knows everything! Well, even the great doctor, Thomas Aquinas understood that all things, Perfection, Beauty and, of course, knowledge (Scientia) exist “in potentia.” That is to say, we have the possibility, the power to express these things. God is the “potentia” back of these things and not some repository of all the facts of the Universe!

When I hear someone say they don’t believe in evolution then I immediately realize they don’t believe in God, at least not the God I understand and not a God that is of any use to a world that is changing at an ever accelerating pace.

I cannot believe in a God that is limited in any way. I cannot believe in a God that has limited Itself by the words that it supposedly wrote to describe Itself. Human laws that were on the books 50 years ago are being tossed out because society has changed. Capital punishment has been abolished, slavery outlawed, but laws of kosher, tribal warfare and social mores MUST remain because they define God, what God thinks and what God must do to you if you disobey! Suddenly as Jesus is reported to have said, “man exists for the Sabbath” (Mark 2:27) or in this case God exists for the sake of the Bible.

Central to the teaching of New Thought is the idea that there in a unity of action, a Oneness which is not a “twoness”. Duality as I was reminded recently is NOT a belief in good vs evil, as Christianity has defined it. God is at war with the devil for the souls of humankind. Really? If God is really omnipotent, he can’t lose, EVER. If I was the devil, I’d just give up already.

Oneness is about one Power and that makes evil, the devil, hell, damnation and all of that redundant. One Power really makes that Thing which God is, truly omnipotent, absolute and unstoppable. It implies that there is a direction this God is heading in that can have no opposition and if the evidence surrounding me is any indication that direction must be good. Sure people mess up but I’ve never seen a tree screw up its life. I’ve never seen a fish seriously doubt the existence of water, never seen a bear not get along with its natural neighbours (I’m excluding humans, since we’re not its natural neighbours).

In case you think I’m all about “bible-bashing”, not so. The psalmist David got it right in the famous 23rd Psalm when he declared

“Surely goodness and mercy follow me all the days of my life.” (Ps. 23:6)
He didn’t say, “Thanks to my belief, I know I’m gonna have a few good days.”

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