Further Thoughts on the Trinity of Being


Reading Richard Rohr ‘s Immortal Diamond this morning, he referred me to Catherine DeCugna’s book on the Trinity, God for Us.

I followed the trail to trusty Amazon (well not quite so trusty but that is the stuff of another blog) and read the foreword. Within that fairly esoteric, OK VERY esoteric subject there was enough meat to generate this blog.

One of her statements coupled with Rohr’s assertion that God needs to be thought of more as a verb that a noun, (for more on this read Rabbi David Cooper’s book, God Is a Verb.  There is a link at the end of this blog) lead me to the following reflection. This comes on the heels of my Sunday Lesson of last week entitled, “We Believe in the Trinity! Who Knew?”

DeCugna’s thought runs along these lines. The arrival of the historic Jesus on the planet made God into a “who” not a “what.” The previous anthropomorphizing that we had done to God based on our reading of the Old Testament made something of God that the Jews never intended and ignored the real nature of the YWHW of the Torah. God is as much the loving relationship of “El” with his people as He is the lover. In short God is in relationship. Jesus made of God a “who.” It is we, that is to say Christianity that have pursued this line of thinking about God as a person, Jesus, to the exclusion of the “what” of him. The “what” is the relationship that exists between Jesus , God expressed; The Father/Mother God Creator, and the Spirit, the creative energy of Love in expression.

A study of the one to the exclusion of the other almost invalidates the entire concept of God. Ernest Holmes understood Trinitarian theology as a dynamic relationship between energy and matter, where the two are aspects of the one thing. Trinitarian thinking breaks down duality by introducing a 3rd element that forces the mind to oscillate constantly back and forth between three poles, never at rest on any one. Ernest called this Life.

Take Jesus the man out of the Trinitarian picture and put “Bob” in his place, and you are face to face with Bob’s inherent divinity or your own. Any study of the “who” of you or me, the False Self, is bound to be incomplete. A study of the “what” of me is going to be equally frustrating. Though I am now at least aware that I am more than my personality, individuality and ego; that I am my Real self, I am not a disembodied spirit. I actually live in a physical world and I’m made of physical stuff.

Any real study of the trinity of being that I express must be about the relationship of those three as they exist in and as me and how I am constantly in flux within the trinity of my own being, forced to be Life expressed and expressing. To quote Meister Eckhart.

“God never begot but one son, but the Eternal is forever begetting the only begotten.”




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  1. Dude 🙂 way erudite …I believe in the trinity and I am in it…God Jesus Me …I am not as I previously believed excluded from the sacred 3 I am most absolutely embedded and immersed wrapped up within the love and wonder and belonging of the sacred 3 ness of love and Love 🙂

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