Stop Waiting for the Saviour



The mystic concept of the Cosmic Christ is not that of a person, but of a Principle, a Universal Presence…the Universal Image of God present in all creation…the “pattern that connects.”

(Core Concept #10)

If there is one place where Religious Science diverges from Christian thought it is in the concept of the Christ and the role of the person, Jesus in what is called “salvation.” I should say that the divergence is primarily with modern Christian belief (post the Council of Trent 1563)  and not with the belief of the early Christian Church. The first disagreements and heresies to arise immediately after the death of Jesus had to do with the very question of who this man was, if he was a man at all. Was he a man or was he God, or even a god pretending to be a man? That sort of thing.

In an effort to resolve this and other questions the first Councils defined who Jesus was and what his role was in human history. Believe it or not, I spent a couple of hours researching the various “heresies” of the first 500 years of Christianity as the Arians, Pelagians, Docetists and Nestorians battled it out to be right about whether Jesus was God and to what extent. It seems Ernest Holmes was intent on cutting through all of that by simply declaring that since everything and everyone is God in expression then Jesus, of course, had to be God to the same extent that you and I are; a duck is! Adopting this position vis a vis Jesus’ divine nature is going to severely impact your view of his role in salvation. There are not many of us turning to waterfowl to be saved. But where do we turn for salvation.

If there is Universal Principle at work here that is not a person. In that the Principle shows up in all things, then its role must be to reveal the Oneness that exists back of all things and be as Holmes called it the “pattern that connects.” Salvation is achieved in the recognition of that pattern and the conscious choice to live that pattern in one’s daily life. This is nothing short of living unified with all life. To the extent that the divine pattern is revealed through my life, it is made “real” for others to observe. It is in this “lived” experience that we are “saved” and creation is redeemed from its fallen state, what the New Thought mystic Marcia Sutton calls “error”

You may notice that the pattern emerging here is precisely the first 3 Steps of Spiritual Mind Treatment. The recognition of the pattern, the conscious union with it and the resultant demonstration of that pattern in my life constitutes “salvation” from all human problems.

Each human partakes of the Christ nature to the degree that the Cosmic Christ is recognized and revealed through him or her. To that degree, he or she becomes the Christ.

(Core Concept #10)

Whether you call yourself the Christ, it is reported the Jesus did and that his followers saw in him the pattern of the Divine. “Who sees me, sees the Father. The Father and I are One.” Jn. 12:25

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