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Rev. Terry

Rev. Terrence Shea was born in Victoria BC, and his spiritual path began in the 4th Grade when he read the Lives of the Saints and determined right there and then that his life’s ambition was to become a saint.  Since that time his path has taken him to a Catholic Junior Seminary in Nova Scotia, a Trappist Abbey in Quebec, a Zen Buddhist community and 15 years in education as Head of Religious Studies and lay chaplain.  He is now the Spiritual Director at the Centre for Spiritual Living in White Rock, British Columbia.

And has he achieved his childhood ambition?

“From the perspective of process, I would say that by and large the idea of being a saint has continued to be one of the prime motivators of my life. From the perspective of product, I am still very far away from achieving that goal. This makes the process still very interesting and engaging.”

He is a well-known and well-loved speaker and teacher and has presented hundreds of presentations and classes in his unique, passionate and insightful style. He is highly regarded for his wide-ranging background in spirituality, and considers himself primarily an educator.

He is presently writing his personal memoir about his own spiritual path and his experience as a young Catholic monk.  Well known for his belief in the power of knowledge for healing and transformation, he sees New Thought as a catalyst for evolution and change in every area of human development.  Rev. Terry has three major ideals in mind in everything he does: “to know, to grow and to sow.”

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