The fourth and final agreement is the one that gets full thumbs up from me.  It is the one that resonates in my mind most closely with the Science of Mind philosophy.  it is the one that speaks most clearly to one of the most important principles in our teaching, the Creative Process in the…(Read More)

You want to live with a sense of spaciousness and openness to the people and events in your life because ultimately you know that in that openness and allowing you’ll find the peace you are looking for. Notice that I haven’t said anything about external circumstances. I’ve only spoken about what’s…(Read More)

The man who being on the “Way,” falls upon hard times in the world, will not, as a consequence turn to a friend who offers him refuge and comfort and encourages his old self to survive. Rather he will seek out someone who will faithfully and inexorably help him to risk himself, so he may…(Read More)

It is interesting that the concept LIGHT or enLIGHTenment should come with expansion of consciousness. The expansion is an entering into the awareness that TRUTH is Light. If a Spiritual Treatment could be seen (and a SMT simply means the unifying with Good) it would be seen as a pathway of light (SOM p. 345…(Read More)

  The mystic concept of the Cosmic Christ is not that of a person, but of a Principle, a Universal Presence…the Universal Image of God present in all creation…the “pattern that connects.” (Core Concept #10) If there is one place where Religious Science diverges from Christian thought it is in the concept of…(Read More)

In one way or another almost all religions say the same thing. You must die before you die and only then will you know what dying is and not be afraid of death. The origine of the word, religion, was two Latin words re + ligio, or more correctly one Latin word with the prefix…(Read More)

I have been struck throughout the preparation of this series of lectures by the close fit between the Core Concepts as evolved by Ernest Holmes and taught in the Foundations Class and what one might call traditional Christian thought. One of our teachers was once asked, “Is Religious Science a Christian philosophy?” The answer was…(Read More)

Any discussion of Concept #3 must include, believe it or not, Aristotle. We are indebted to this man for the idea of the “whatness” and the “thisness” of everything we see and experience in the world; the matter and the form of literally everything. These two ideas were part of a VERY complex and heated…(Read More)

Reading Richard Rohr ‘s Immortal Diamond this morning, he referred me to Catherine DeCugna’s book on the Trinity, God for Us. I followed the trail to trusty Amazon (well not quite so trusty but that is the stuff of another blog) and read the foreword. Within that fairly esoteric, OK VERY esoteric subject there…(Read More)

The Way IT Works


God … what it isn’t. It isn’t a Life separate from you. It isn’t a revelation made to some wise man, teacher, or special guru of days gone by or even recently … Our life is the use we make of the Energy which is life itself and that life is God. The life…(Read More)