Circles of Care and Connection

We really honour you for taking an important step in the direction of greater intimacy, spiritual growth, care, and connection by joining a Home Group here at Centre for Spiritual Living White Rock.  Our Home Groups are the place where community happens and where you can experience feeling loved and appreciated like never before!

Here’s some important information to help you decide if joining a Home Group is right for you.  Please carefully consider the following. If you’re all ready to go, download the application and return it to us via email.

Download Application

TIME COMMITMENT – Home Groups meet once a month (approx. 2.5 hrs) typically on the same day of the month (example – every third Friday).  Home Groups typically meet 10-11 times a year.  Because of the intimacy that happens in Home Groups, we ask you to check your schedule to confirm you can commit to attending most, and hopefully all, of the gatherings.  Of course, we understand if things come up occasionally, and this does not necessarily conflict with full commitment.

WHERE GROUPS MEET – Groups typically meet in Home Group member’s homes for care, connection, spiritual practice, love, and laughter.  You are not required to host a Home Group gathering in your home.  This is strictly optional and only for those members who would enjoy hosting and have a home that is conducive to a Home Group gathering.

ONLY KINDNESS – Because Home Groups are committed to creating a safe place for sharing, each member is asked to respect some very important agreements such as confidentiality, non-judgment, no advice giving, and no gossip.  We practice speaking kindly, being patient, praying for each other, and allowing each member of the Group to mature along their spiritual path at their own perfect pace.

LOVING COMMUNICATION – Part of our Home Groups focus is to grow together in how we communicate, thus co-creating a more loving world. This change begins with us – right in our Home Groups.  We welcome and honour all feelings and at the same time, we practice sharing them in ways that increase connections, foster awareness and decrease defensiveness.

WILLING TO BE SUPPORTED – Every Home Group has Co-Leaders who dedicate their time to making sure you are prayed for and feel loved and appreciated.  We ask all Group Members to “lean into” their Home Group Co-Leaders for support, prayer/treatment, and care in personal, professional, spiritual, and all ways.

Download Application