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  Community member Ciel Ellis offers some thoughts on dialoguing with your ‘demon,’ in conjunction with Rev. Terry’s series on Feeding Your Demons. She also shares the poem she read a few weeks ago, and an update on her work and travels.   Today I want to introduce you to Dialogue writing.  It may…(Read More)

“The thought God holds of you is like a star, unchangeable in an eternal sky.” Well, I am pleased to say that after an extended absence Metaphysical Musings is back and better than ever. This month’s book is the wonderful explanation of A Course in Miracles, A Return to Love, by Marianne Williamson. This…(Read More)

So you are curious about journalling? Awesome! I’m thrilled to share with you what I know. My writing practice spans the last 25 years of my life. What I have learned through this practice has brought me such a sense of peace, certainty, and clarity. I wish the same for you. I have also…(Read More)

As you may know, our centre is in the process of training a core group of around 9 students toward becoming Practitioners, that is, professional pray-ers. One student, Cheryl Graham, has written a poem about the journey, so here it is! Thanks, Cheryl, for sharing this with our community.     The Religious Science…(Read More)

One of the most powerful ways to connect in an experiential way with the key principles of The Science of Mind™ is to take one of the classes offered here at CSL White Rock. Not only is the student introduced to fundamental ideas in the teachings of Ernest Holmes, but the class provides an opportunity…(Read More)

Our Vision is embodied in the candle flame! CSL White Rock is a welcoming, thriving, dynamic community of spiritual learners, committed to raising consciousness and awakening humanity to love and joy. There’s a reason why we have a candle burning at our Celebration on Sunday.  It represents the consciousness of the community.  You may…(Read More)

I’m truly grateful for all of the work the Board of Trustees did and continues to do to assure the ongoing growth of CSL.  I particularly want to acknowledge our President, Kyme McDonald for opening up the discussion about our Vision, Mission and Values developed at the recent retreat.  The presentation she made last…(Read More)