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Community member Ciel Ellis offers some thoughts on dialoguing with your ‘demon,’ in conjunction with Rev. Terry’s series on Feeding Your Demons. She also shares the poem she read a few weeks ago, and an update on her work and travels.


0030AToday I want to introduce you to Dialogue writing.  It may seem a little crazy to begin with, because you are writing both sides of the dialogue.  That being said, it is a pretty powerful technique.

Dialogue is basically a conversation that can be used to ‘talk’ with deceased loved ones, old friends, body parts, situations, desired effects and future loved ones, to name just a few applications.
Let me give you an example.  In the case of my weight, which is not excessive, however 10 pounds could leave me and I would be a happier weight.  Here goes.
Me: Hello extra weight, I want to talk to you.
Weight: Hello, What do you want?  (Can you hear the tone here?)
Me: Well, you have been hanging around for some time now and I’m just not sure why you are still here.
Weight: You need me.
M: Really?  Why do I need you?
W: Because I’m storing all the things you don’t want to resolve.
M: Oh.
W: You seem surprised.
M: I am.  I never realized that’s what you were doing.  Thank you for carrying this burden for me.
W: You are welcome, but I’m getting tired.  I can’t keep holding all this in.
M: I hear you.  What can I do to help?
W: I need you to let go of your resentment, your self destructive talk and your grief.
M: Yikes.  I thought I’ve been doing a good job with that.
W: You have.  I see how hard you have been working.  And there are some last bits to be tidied up.
M: Okay.  Help me.  What do you need me to do?
W: I need you to sort out your relationship with money, to healthy foods and grieve for Ruth fully and completely.
M: Will you help me?  I’m not sure I can do this on my own.
W: Any time.  I’m always here to help.  Just ask.  I’m ready to release this baggage as soon as you are.
M: Thank you weight.  I’ll get started tomorrow.  Thank you for hanging in with me.
Wow, I was not expecting this as an example.  Powerful.
Do you see how this works?
Keep going back and forth until the question feels resolved.
Two weeks ago I spoke about my travels and shared a poem with you that I wrote after being inspired by Poet David Whyte.  Some of you asked me to share it with you.  Here it is.
There is no Fear. 
Why don’t you want to take the next step?
The desire is there yet the fear overwhelms you into inaction.
There is no fear.
You know the next small step
Since there is no path to your life,
You create one by walking.
You have the right to your life
Do not gift it to someone else to lead
For then you are lost.
You will be unsure.
Your message will show up.
It has no choice
You have asked the question
the answer is on its way.
Your God within will not fail you.
When your answer does arrive, start with it.
It will lead you to the next question.
Ciel Ellis, 2015.
My travels
All of my life I have been working to understand myself and others through courageous vulnerability and humility.  Exploring, in a deep way, what it means to live this particular life is something that I am compelled to do.  In my career, I have focused on helping people travel this journey themselves.  As a Certified Life Coach and Journal writing mentor I have aligned my education with this passion.  Recently I became a Licensed facilitator for a program called The Desire Map.  It started as a book and has now become a worldwide program for people to discover how they really want to feel in their life. Versus the goal that they want to achieve with the hopes of feeling something – success, accomplishment, worthiness or what have you.
My first workshop will be held in my home in South Surrey on Feb 28th. The workshop is a powerful catalyst for getting clear on what is your souls desire (Gods work for you), and sourcing the enthusiasm and joy to bring that desire into the light.
I want to spread this work and in doing so I contacted some colleagues of mine and suggested we lead a workshop together.  So far I am leading workshops in Penticton, BC (March 21); Palm Dessert, CA (May); I Cigni, Italy (June 20); Amsterdam, Holland (July 15).
I recall sitting in church and giving my God notice.  I think I said, “Okay God, I’m ready to do your work, please show me what you would have me do.”  Sharing this work, my wisdom, my facilitation skills, my joy and enthusiasm was his response.
My abundance and opportunities are growing and I know that I am aligned with source.  It feels just the way I wanted to feel.  Confident, ease, accomplishment in an expansive, relaxed and empowered way.
For more information about my workshops you can see more about them here  under the Desire Map side tab.

Bye for now.  Love Ciel.

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  1. I am so grateful when i meet someone like Ciel who so courageously takes on the difficulties, big and small, that we all experience and moves through them. Ciel is an example of how much fuller, happier, and prosperous we can all be when we apply Spiritual Principle to our lives. Ciel, you are an inspiration to teachers like me. You remind me why I do what I do and why Centres like ours exist.

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