Classes at CSL White Rock


One of the most powerful ways to connect in an experiential way with the key principles of The Science of Mind™ is to take one of the classes offered here at CSL White Rock.

Not only is the student introduced to fundamental ideas in the teachings of Ernest Holmes, but the class provides an opportunity for connection to a group of like minded seekers and the support that goes along with it. These classes are practical in that they encourage you to look at those aspects of your life that may not be working exactly the way you want them to, and offers tools that apply spiritual principle to that issue.

There no better way to convey the power of these classes than to hear from the students themselves. Here’s what some of the students from Rev. Terry Shea’s recent class on Raymond Charles Barker’s book The Power Of Decision.

“Thanks so much for the privilege of studying something I hold dear to my heart…Truth, and Principle. I look forward to MANY more classes, and the increase of wisdom and Love. Thanks to the dedicated members of the board, and to the unflagging intention of Rev. Terry O’Shea. Can’t wait for September’s classes!

-Zoe Davis

“This class has been a life saver for me.  Having just returned to BC after many years in the US, I was feeling very overwhelmed by all the logistics of the move and outside family in the general area, I knew no one in White Rock.   My very first visit to the church and hearing Rev Terry speak, and  the welcoming folks, I knew I was home.  When the opportunity came up for the class, I hesitated because I had taken this class twice over the years, including last winter in Carlsbad.  We’ll it was a God gift and kept me uplifted learning the truths of my being here or anywhere. Rev Terry’s spiritual gift as a teacher is the absolute clarity that he shares and explains the lessons.  There were a lot of enlightened metaphysical “high rollers” in the class to challenge and question Barker’s Power of Decision book; but we were never left with any doubt or  an unanswered question.  I also appreciated that Rev Terry offered us all a Science of Mind treatment individually.  It gave us more clarity on treatment work and a priceless gift of our own healing.”
-Mary Lake
“I found this class brought so much light to me. The community of people who came together was extraordinary. I would say come to this or any SOM class because you get so much enlightenment, spiritual evolution, belonging and knowledge. Your spirit will be powerfully engaged and your life will change for the better! “
-Cheryl Graham
“Another amazing journey of self discovery.  Rev. Terry is a gifted teacher who guides you to a deeper understanding and knowing of who you are.  I never thought I had an issue making decisions until I took this course.   It was very revealing. Life is so much simpler when given the tools to make the trip.  I am very grateful for our wonderful teacher, Terry,  and  my lovely classmates that courageously made their own journey of self discovery.  Thank you!”
-Jill Inglis
“I found the class very interesting, and RevT is a lively and inspiring teacher – never a boring moment!  I particularly enjoyed the thought-provoking discussions that ensued when some of the class questioned the viewpoints put forth by the book, and Terry’s explanations.  I am really glad that I took the course.”
-Keltie Wright




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