Intro to Journalling


So you are curious about journalling? Awesome! I’m thrilled to share with you what I know. My writing practice spans the last 25 years of my life. What I have learned through this practice has brought me such a sense of peace, certainty, and clarity. I wish the same for you.

I have also leaned how to create results, so rest assured it’s not going to take you 25 years to see result, thank heavens, right?

What you will learn are guidelines for your own writing practice, how to create a suitable atmosphere for your writing, which I would love to have your ideas on, so start giving some thought to what environment has you focus easily? We will then discuss centering your energy so you can tune into your inner knowing. It already sounds relaxing doesn’t it?

Once the structure has been established, we will get into the meat of the writing. We will explore your current life. Each one of you may have a different topic that you want to focus on, and what is most helpful to write about are things that cause you anxiety, worry, fear. Or the very opposite may also be true, if you find that success, joy and happiness make you feel uneasy. I’m really looking forward to hearing the topics that you would like to address.

The process that we are going to use for our writing is that I will send you prompts via email. They will arrive in our community each day. You are welcome to post comments in the group as a way of expressing what you are discovering through this process. However, your actual writing is just for you. Does that make sense?

Let me say that again, your writing practice is for you and only you. You will not be posting it to the group.

Do you have any questions? Let me know if you do.

I’m ready to get your journal off to you so let me know if you want to participate and I’ll send the invoice over for the program. All I need is your email address.

Start date: March 10, 17, 24, 31

Time: 1 pm PST via Livestream link to follow
Duration: 60 minutes as a group.
Cost $127.00
Alternate start dates are: April 28; June 9th; Sept 8th; Oct 6th.
Here is the link to sign up.

Addition touch: (2)15 minutes calls together, just you and I, to address anything that comes up for you.
Bonus: A custom designed, handmade journal sent to you before the course begins. In the colour of your choice.

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