Metaphysical Musings: A New Design For Living–Book Review



“The great adventure lies ahead of you. May you go with God.”


These venerable words, from the end of A New Design for Living, were some of the last our beloved teacher Ernest Holmes ever wrote. What power, what majesty he evoked, even at the end of his marvelous and spiritual life.  Today’s book for review in Metaphysical Musings is the last book Ernest Holmes ever penned, A New Design for Living. Published in 1959, it is much easier reading than his poetic magnum opus but does speak powerfully about his collected wisdom, and the knowledge he gained from his prominent career as a minister, teacher, and practitioner. Like wonderful bookends, the Science of Mind and A New Design for Living follow the path of his brilliance from the not so humble beginnings to a mapped out and God expressed vision of genius and light. He was what he spoke about. As one of the greatest expressions of the One, he walked the talk and as believers ourselves we can also express greatly. As Jesus  said, “All these things I have done, you will do and even greater things..”  We are called to a higher and more exquisitely delightful life. We can make that happen.


The way we do that is we release our limited thinking and past wounds. Believe me, as someone who has been there it is not easy, but worth the effort, completely worth the effort. As well, we need to expand our horizons. There is a big, beautiful world out there. What do we want? What new ideas and ways of being are we willing to entertain? Where will they take us? These are the questions we need to ask.

As Holmes says so eloquently, “There is a power greater than we are…” And we can use it.


Cheryl Graham, CSL White Rock Community Member and Bookstore Manager

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