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Dan Martin was born in Golden, B.C., but grew up in Calgary.  His life long love affair with computers started at a young age.  When he was only around 10, his parents bought him an electronic toy that could do little more than light a small panel of LEDs, as well as count in…(Read More)

Edward Viljoen is the Spiritual Director at the Centre For Spiritual Living in Santa Rosa California Science of Mind is mystical. Science of Mind is liberal. Science of Mind affirms the minority voice. Science of Mind is evolving. Science of Mind is Love-based, God-drunk, law-governed-spiritual living. Science of Mind supports the…(Read More)

The Science of Mind: 1938 Edition   Welcome to the inaugural edition of Metaphysical Musings. Periodically I am going to be reviewing books for our Religious Science community. As this is our first edition so to speak,  I am going to begin with the book of books, Ernest Holmes magnificent work the Science of Mind…(Read More)

Ever have that ‘hammer-on-a-wheel’ feeling?  You’re running and running, but you’re getting nowhere fast?  Ever feel embarrassed or frustrated because life feels like its passing you by?  Remember when your days weren’t just a series of stressful events!  When was the last time you invested in YOURSELF because you…(Read More)

One of the most powerful ways to connect in an experiential way with the key principles of The Science of Mind™ is to take one of the classes offered here at CSL White Rock. Not only is the student introduced to fundamental ideas in the teachings of Ernest Holmes, but the class provides an opportunity…(Read More)

Born and raised in Montreal, she grew up with her father who was an Anglophone and her stepmother who was from Deauville, France.  Living in an English suburb of Montreal, she attended English schools but always loved the French language and culture.   After secondary school, she attended both Sir George Williams and McGill universities…(Read More)

We are blessed to have yet another new member on our Board, the dynamic Tamara Rossander. Here’s a little bit about who she is: Tamara was born and raised in the lower mainland, growing up and living in communities such as Coquitlam, New West and Cloverdale.  When she met her husband 27 years ago…(Read More)

My childhood faith background is a little light.  I went to church 2 or 3 times. I remember the Easter outfit from a photo of me at 7 years old, but I have no real memory of the experiences.  I remember thinking that if you committed to religion, you had to give up pleasure – dancing…(Read More)