Practitioner Poem by Cheryl Graham


As you may know, our centre is in the process of training a core group of around 9 students toward becoming Practitioners, that is, professional pray-ers.

One student, Cheryl Graham, has written a poem about the journey, so here it is!

Thanks, Cheryl, for sharing this with our community.



The Religious Science Practitioner

Knock, knock…

Hello, please tell me where does it hurt and how can I help…

My goal is a walk with you, both intimate and deep,

To a place in your soul and the secrets you keep.

Be open with me as we work on a plan,

To get you your wellness right here, in your hand!

You are an unlimited being of light!

A song, amazing music of awe and delight!

Know you are well right down to your bone,

Your emotions belong to you,

They are something you own!

You are God in marvellous expression,

Sacred, brave, good and true

You aren’t alone anymore

Because I am right here with you!

Cheryl Graham 

Prac student


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