Town Hall Meeting


CSL Whiterock – Town Hall Meeting                                                          August 23, 2015

Purpose of the Meeting: Meeting: to inform and seek input from community members concerning current financial challenges facing the Centre

Present: All Board members, Rev Terry Shea, and 40+ members in attendance

Opening Treatment by Rev. Terry

  1. David Lee, our Treasurer, outlined the monthly deficits that were rapidly depleting our cash reserves
  2. Below are brief statements and responses provided to members

General Themes, Comments, and Questions:

  1. For those interested in making regular contributions by credit card so that the Centre is funded even in my absence. Is there a process in place?

David: there is handling cost to the Center though the cost is small for not-for profits like us

Rev Terry: processing credit card payments is already in place on the website through the donate button.

  1. Have we considered changing the venue? David: lease at this location. We would need to look into the terms of our lease should we choose to move.
  2. We need to address CAUSE of our deficit; not just the EFFECT (money issues) if we want to resolve this; We want to talk about how to build commitment Georgia: support of these ideas; where is our consciousness and what king of center do we want
  3. We decided to post comments from the meeting to the community blog and invite members who attended to comment, those who could not attend to ask questions and for all of us to specifically address the following questions.


What kind of Centre do you want?

What are you willing to commit to or are you willing to commit to have THAT Centre?

 The community I want has: spiritual conversations; lessons and discussion, sharing. We need to discuss advertising that expresses spirituality vs. being ‘churchy’

I like focused discussions

Closing remarks – and appreciation for everyone’s contribution; change of thinking (cause) changes our lives; let’s not be tied to what the solution might look like but let’s take ownership of the problem AND the solution.

I am willing to;

see this as my Centre

treat for prosperity for myself and for the Centre

hold fundraisers (a Book Sale)

commit to children and teens

practice Seva by volunteering (encouraging others by my commitment)


The Board continues to address the issues raised in this meeting is grateful for ALL of the suggestions received from you the members. Watch this blog and engage with us in finding solutions.


2 Responses to "Town Hall Meeting"
  1. I have been comming for two months and am becoming more committed every week. I am a senior and like the present Sunday time slot. I like the music but find the singing too churchy. I like the message and the prayer.
    I’m sure the Board is aware that we are living in a seniors area. It is my understanding the most people look to spiritual matters in their later years. I feel that most seniors would rather come on a Sunday morning than on a weekday evening. My concern is that if we switch to Wednesday our attendance would suffer even more. I think switching to a one hour format, no singing and perhaps a longer message would make the program cater more to the spiritual message that we all come to hear.
    Only one opinion for what it is worth.

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